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Sat, February 1, 2014


Going to try and post some process stuff here for those that might be interested.

I feel like I am still learning so much about being an artist. The internet is such a great resource for information, advice, tutorials, etc. I spend way too much time filtering through endless blog posts, videos, etc trying to find that next little thing that might help me be a tiny bit better. It all comes down to just doing the work.

I could draw as a kid, but I wasted too much time not improving, not working on being better. Better late than never I suppose. I feel like I've come a long way in the past few years, but have so much more to learn and do.

I'm gong to try and share aome of the more helpful tidbts here. Some of this may be extremely basic for you, some of it might be completely foreign like it was to me. Feel free to share any of your own tips if you have them. I'm always looking to learn.

One of the concepts that was new to me was character maodel sheets. For those that don't know already, this is somethign very common in animation, game design, etc. Keeping a character consistant looking throughout a book or even a few pages has laways been a struggle for me. Doing a character model sheet is very helpful. You can put your character through his/her paces before trying to render them in your pages. Sort of a test drive. Go online and you can find a tonof these model sheets. There are some especially good ones from Alex Toth. Whenever I am having trouble with a characeter its probably because I stubbornly or lazily refused to put in the work necessary beforehand. 

Det. Paul Kostas

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