About Me:

I have been a professional graphic designer, illustrator and web developer for more than 20 years. Since an early age i've had a love for film, books, art, and especially comics. I love comis and have read, collected them all my life - and even produced a podcast about them for a few years (you may have heard of it).

I've always wanted to make comics and tell stories, but it has not always been easy. As a full-time web designer, father and husband, time for writing and drawing comics has always been limited. Luckily my family supports my love of this litle hobby and I've been able to finally produce more than a few sketches. 

POSSESSED is something that I hope to produce for a long time to come. I plan on releasing a page a week, but as this is just a hobby, I can't make any promises. Also, I want to say I am not a professional comic book artis or writer nor do I really have aspirations to be. This is just a story I want to tell and a webcomic felt like the right way to tell it. I am learning as I go so please bear with any errors, mistakes, lapses in judgement, or complete artistic failures. 

I'd love to tell you what it's about, but honestly, I don't think I even know yet. I have a ton of great ideas for this story and I am having a blast creating it as it goes. If all goes as planne,d this story should be rather epic in scope but the core is about characters, life, humanity, beliefs, and humor. I wish I had a great story about how I came up with the story, but alas, I do not. It's just something that popped in my head one day and as I fiddled around with it more and more, it started to develop. This is not my great American novel, or magnum opus - it's just a tale that I hope igh entertain some people. 

I hope you enjoy it.

More than you want:

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